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Герба на Крайова

City of Craiova is an administrative center of  Dolj County, republic of Rumania and according to the census of the population in  2005 it has 304 thousand inhabitants.

The archeological findings show that on the territory of today Graiova there were ancient settlements of Geto- Dacians  , dated to 400-350  BC.

The industry is well developed in the city.

Окръжната палата в Крайова

The friendly relations between municipality of Mizia and municipality of  Craiova date  from the beginning of  2007  , when a memorandum of cooperation was signed and  project "Cross-border network for preservation of  the  green wealth in the Danube riverside  municipalities of  Mizia and Craiova", funded by the EU PHARE Programme  launched

Mayor of municipality of  Craiova is Antonio Solomon.