Pensioner's clubs

Monday, 19 April 2010 20:24 Община Мизия - Социални дейности

On the territory of municipality of Mizia function seven pensioner’s clubs and three clubs for disabled people. The elderly people and disabled people have modern facilities meeting their needs. The clubs in the town of  Mizia,  village of  Krushovitsa, village of Lipnitsa,  village of  Sofronievo were build and fashionably furnished with financing of Tulip Foundation .
The members of the clubs of the two target groups are about 400 older  and disabled people from the whole municipality.
The clubs are founded by a decision of the municipal council in order enable the older people to give a meaning to their life and relieve the monotony. They are served by four organizers who support the activity of the pensioners.
The clubs lead an active cultural life. The participations of the vocal and dance groups in the national and international festivals of amateur arts and the awards received are numerous.