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Начало Social activities
Социални дейности

Children's day-care center

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This day-care center is the model for establishment of a base, which meets the modern needs for development of children’s personality. Leisure classes are natural opposition to social negatives, treat of drugs, sects and aggression.

Sharing our experience in  the national competition:" Improving the living environment " – organized by  FLGR in  2003, the innovation  "Day-care center for children- village of  Voyvodovo" received first prize.

With the opening of the center was made one of the largest investments – an investment for the development of the children. The joined efforts on local level received support by United Dutch Foundations (UDF), which funded the project in 2002 with 30 500 BGN.

The results of the project are significant. Joining the efforts of the municipality, mayoralty and community center trustees of village of Voyvodovo a balance between needs and interest was achieved. The way of life of the children and of the village as a whole was changed. This center became a place for various initiatives and continuity between generations. For the children of the village and from the other settlements of the municipality the computer news became available and the use of internet   motivated them to receive more information and made them join the modern life.


Health care

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The dynamic nature of the changes we have been going through requires prompt and timely response to all alterations in the social status and medical services for the inhabitants of the Mizia municipality.

Health care for the Mizia municipality population is ensured in accordance with the legal framework documents that define the health reform in the country. The municipality population was provided the opportunity to freely choose a general practitioner and a dentist. According to the data provided by the Regional Healthcare Centre in Vratsa, the health institutions functioning on the territory of the Mizia municipality are as follows:

  • Outpatient medical room for primary medical assistance  - individual practices - 5;
  • Outpatient medical room for specialist medical assistance - individual practices - 1;
  • Outpatient medical room for primary dental assistance - individual practices - 2.

All the medical practices in the municipality have been taken by physicians. Those practices that service two villages have contracted medical auxiliaries to ensure 24-hour medical assistance provision.

Specialist medical assistance in the municipality is provided my physicians employed at the Oryahovo Multi-profile Active Hospital Treatment Facilities, and holding a degree in a medical specialty.

Since 01.07.2000, the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) has financed outpatient medical assistance.

The municipality has a permanent trend of seeking medical specialists in other areas in order to enlarge the specialized assistance provided.
Hospital medical assistance in the Mizia municipality is provided by the Multi-profile Active Hospital Treatment Facilities in the towns of Oryahovo and Kozloduy, respectively.

Pensioner's clubs

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On the territory of municipality of Mizia function seven pensioner’s clubs and three clubs for disabled people. The elderly people and disabled people have modern facilities meeting their needs. The clubs in the town of  Mizia,  village of  Krushovitsa, village of Lipnitsa,  village of  Sofronievo were build and fashionably furnished with financing of Tulip Foundation .
The members of the clubs of the two target groups are about 400 older  and disabled people from the whole municipality.
The clubs are founded by a decision of the municipal council in order enable the older people to give a meaning to their life and relieve the monotony. They are served by four organizers who support the activity of the pensioners.
The clubs lead an active cultural life. The participations of the vocal and dance groups in the national and international festivals of amateur arts and the awards received are numerous.


"Baba Marta" home for old people

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"Baba Marta"  home for old people  in the village of Lipnitsa, municipality of Mizia, opened on  17.06.2008  by Ordinance No.РД 01-545/17.06.2008  by Ministry of Labour and Social Policy , pursuant to art.36, para.3, section 3 of Regulation on Implementation  of  Social Assistance Act.
The Home for Old People is a specialized institution providing social services to persons, separated from home, for them is difficult or impossible to meet their needs, who have no relatives or their relatives refuse to take care of them at home. The conditions and the order for carrying out   of the social services in the home for old people are determined by the  Regulation on Implementation  of  Social Assistance Act /art.19 Social Assistance Act /.
The main focus is to ensure equal status for older people in order to overcome their social isolation  by creating conditions  for integration in a society . This should correspond to their wishes and abilities by full respect of their dignity, beliefs, needs and their privacy, as well as their right to take decisions, affecting the quality of their life and cares provided.
The institution is delegated state activity, managed by the municipality.
With  Decision  No. 539 /Minutes No. 44  of 23.02.2007/ the  town council  offers  Ministry  of the Labour and Social Policy  to open "Home for old people” in the new built Social Home in the village of Lipnitsa, municipality of Mizia,  with  35 places and  16 employees.
This is a   two-storey building. The premises are as follows:
Floor               Premises
 first                  Foyer
                         pouring room 
                         sanitary room
                         Washing room
                         bedrooms -5 rooms
                         room for the staff
Floor               Premises
Second            Dining-room
                         Pouring room
                         Loundry room
                         Washing room
                         bedrooms -5 rooms
                         Living Room with  tea room
                         Medical room
To the old people were offered the following services:
  • Cleaning of rooms, sitting room, dining -rooms;
  • Daily personal toilet,  required by the  good vision of the residents;
  • Nutrition  in accordance with the health condition;
  • Washing of the bed linens and personal  underwear, patching, ironing;
  • Barber services;
  • Health care, assistance for consultation with specialists and hospitalization
  • Providing and assistance  for obtaining medications;
We provide  for the additional comfort  also:
  • Cable TV;
  • Internet
  • Organization of cultural events, occupational therapy;
  • Organization of the  leisure time -  according to previously drawn up  social program – twice a week  newspaper reading, discussions on  actual issues, birthdays celebrating , organization  for celebration of   secular and religious holidays, walks, excursions.
The management of Municipality of Mizia  founded this home  led by the only human and noble goal – to provide such conditions of life  for  the older people living in it in order they   to receive  quality service and different   human treatment , life environment , nutrition according to  the personal  health condition and free regimen of living .

Home Social Patronage

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In 1989, an organization for providing services within the individual's natural home environment, called Home Social Patronage, was established in the town of Mizia. This is a form of social services provision that has proved effective over the years. The activity of the social institution aims at assisting the third-age people, as well as those that require special cares but are unable to arrange or cater for their vital needs in the normal home environment. The institution looks after 140 people, living in Mizia and four villages in the municipality. Home Social Patronage is a social service provided on the territory of the municipality and it has become a modern service adequately catering for the community needs. Seventy people in the municipality are delivered meals to their homes.

In 2009, in connection with the Social Services in a Family Environment National Programme, there were ten people employed to look after 56 old age, lonely living people or disabled people.

The services included as follows:
  • Supply of warm and various meals to the houses;
  • House cleaning;
  • Providing help and assistance with personal hygiene practices, or in case of social, health or household problems, or to enrich social and cultural life.
The number of people willing to use the services of the Home Social Patronage has been continuously growing.

Disabled people assistants

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The Social Assistant service has been provided for five years so far, following the Mizia Town Municipality’s winning of a project with the Disabled People Assistants (DPA) National Programme of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.


  • 16 social assistants were employed on the DPA National Programme in 2005;
  • 26 social assistants were employed on the DPA National Programme in 2006;
  • 6 social assistants were employed on the DPA National Programme in 2007
  • 6 social assistants were employed on the DPA National Programme in 2008;
  • 6 social assistants were employed on the DPA National Programme in 2009.

Within the framework of the approved project for 2009, six social assistants were involved in supporting the daily lives of 13 persons having a decreased working capacity of 90% or higher and, therefore, entitled to external assistance.

Cares for these individuals include as follows:

  • Purchasing of food stuffs, toiletry and basic commodities;
  • Preparation or provision of food (as required by the client);
  • Support and accompany the person in cases of documents submission to various government or municipal institutions;
  • Assistance during social events, realization of social contacts, organizing of celebrations, etc.

The programme provides opportunities for the assisted individuals to regain their feeling for life, their awareness of the cares on behalf of the state and municipality for the individuals with disability. Within the framework of the programme they can identify their needs and sign a joint plan for the service to be made available. Individuals eligible to obtain the Social Assistant service shall have 90% or higher decreased working capacity, allocation of the right to use external assistance or solitary living people. They can be included in the programme after filing an application to the Social Assistance Directorate in the town of Mizia and following an assessment of their needs.


Human Resources Development Operating Programme

Project entitled: Independence and Dignity in the Lives of People with Disability or Solitary Living People on the Territory of the Mizia Municipality

The Mizia Municipality has implemented a project within the Human Resources Development Operating Programme, with activities including Social Assistance and Household Assistance, Phase 1. The project lasted a year (01.07.2008 to 30.06.2009). Eight social assistants and 13 household assistants looked after 56 old-age solitary people and people with disability.

The main objective of the project implementation team was to enhance the quality of life of the lonely people within the Mizia municipality through providing conditions for them to effect their right of independence and inclusion in social life, which also involved exercising their right to labour and reducing the risk of dependence on institutional cares.

Specific goals: Enhancement and improvement of the Social Assistant and Household Assistant services to people requiring permanent assistance in their daily lives; Mitigating the risk of dependence on institutional cares for individuals needing assistance and social inclusion through preventing the risk of support for re-integration; Creating actual opportunities for persons with various disabilities to be active and take independent decisions about organizing their daily lives; Improving the professional skills and motivation of the social and household assistants through further training; Improving the efficiency of the key stakeholder institutions’ participation in the programme implementation process.

On 13.01.2010, the Mizia Municipality submitted to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, in connection with the Human Resources Development Operating Programme, Phase 3, the project entitled INDEPENDENCE AND DIGNITY FOR THE LIVES OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITY OR SOLITARY LIVING PEOPLE ON THE TERRITORY OF THE MIZIA MUNICIPALITY

Social Services in a Family Environment National Programme

In January 2009, the Mizia municipality started providing the Household Assistant service, as part of the Social Services in a Family Environment National Programme. Ten household assistants took part in the programme and looked after 52 old-age people and people with disabilities without severing them from their family environment.

The household assistants provided the following services:

  • Current cleaning of the living premises – tidying up the rooms; cleaning the floor; beating the carpets; dusting; washing-up, etc.
  • Personal hygiene cares – help with daily toilet and dressing; assistance with bathing; help with hair combing, haircutting, hair dying, shaving; or, accompanying the person to the places where such services are offered.
  • Feeding – preparation of meals with food products supplied by the person assisted; delivery of cooked meals; preparation for and help in the process of eating, serving the dishes and clearing the table;
  • Purchasing of comestibles, materials, medicines and basic commodities with payment ensured by the person taken care of;
  • Small scale repairs in the house and/or assistance for their performance;
  • Domestic services - purchase of food stuffs, hygienic materials, medicines and basic commodities with payment ensured by the person taken care of; payment of utilities bills – electricity, telephone, water, taxes, etc. with payment of the person taken care of; provision of heating fuel materials paid by the person assisted; small scale technical repairs, etc.

On request for additional specific household services, it is possible that the household assistant should perform these with his agreement and at the discretion of the employer.  Services may include: thorough house cleaning with washing of doors, windows, bathroom facilities, kitchen equipment, etc., as well as seasonal services such as timber cutting, taking fuel materials inside the house, stove lighting, snow clearing, etc.



Center of social integration

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It is founded on project  "Changing of the policy and the practices in serving elderly and disabled people" of the National Association of the Municipalities in Republic of Bulgaria, financed by Phare ACCESS 2000 of the European Union. The project value is 10 000 BGN and was implemented in  2003.Trough this project  municipality of Mizia  as a pilot municipality  contributed to the active involvement of the elderly and disabled people  in the implementing of adequate municipal policy  and to changing  of the municipal practices in working with people of the target groups.

The Center for Social Integration offers administrative, information and consultant services that ensure the social integration of the elderly and disabled people. Trough this center the municipality gives them the opportunity to live in dignity and security, receiving the necessary public support. A service network was built in all villages of the municipality. Since January 2004 the Center for Social Integration has been a structural unit of the  municipal administration – the municipality provided an ambulance for assistance of extremely needy citizens and covers the costs for it.

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