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Pursuant to article 93, paras 1 and 5 from the Environmental Preservation Act (EPA), promulgated in SG Nr. 91 of 2002, amended in SG Nr. 82 of 2009 (article 7, para 1 and article 8 , para 1 of the Regulation on the Terms and Conditions for Performing an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA Regulation), SG Nr. 25/2003, Decree of the Council of Ministers (DCM) №59, amended with DCM № 237/2009, SG Nr. 80/2009, art. 31, paras 4 and 6 of the Biological Diversity Law (BDL), art. 40,

para 4 in connection with para 3 of the Regulation on the Terms and Conditions for Assessing the Compatibility of Plans, Programmes, Projects and Investment Proposals Having as Subject and Goals the Preservation of Protected Areas (Regulation on the Environment), SG Nr. 73/2007, and DCM №201/2007, and written documentation submissions of the Employer on Attachment №2 to art. 6 of the EIA Regulation, and pursuant to article 10, paras 1 and 2 of the Regulation of the Environment,

Through Decision № ВР-09-ПР/2010 of the Regional Environment and Waters Inspectorate it was agreed not to perform an environmental impact ssessment in connection with the investment proposal entitled Establishment of a Fishing Farm for Sturgeon Fish, which is unlikely to significantly affect the natural habitats, populations and species that are subject to preservation in protected areas.

Location: plots №081003, №081014, №081015, №084002, №081008, №081007, №080008, in the lands of the village of Saraevo, Mizia Municipality and plots №025002, №025003, № 025005, №026001, №026006 in the lands of the town of Mizia, Mizia Municipality, district of Vratsa.

Employer: Aqualider Ltd., 94 Vasil Kunchov Str., floor 11, flat 3, Vratsa 30001, ID code 200535058, mobile 0878/644471




Municipality Management

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