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Начало ПИРО Civil society – more ideas for transparency and accessibility of the state administration

Civil society – more ideas for transparency and accessibility of the state administration

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BG051PO002/08/1.2 – 02 „Civil societymore ideas for transparency and accessibility of the state administration


On 01.09.2008 started the project implementation „for good management in municipality of Mizia”, which was implemented by Arcadia Association in partnership with municipality of Mizia. The project is being implemented with the financial support of the Operational Programme „Administrative Capacity”, co-financed by the European Union trough the European Social Fund.
The main objective of the project is to achieve transparency and accountability in the administration of the municipality of Mizia and  to improve the mechanisms for control over its activity. The project target groups are  municipality of Mizia and NGOs operating on its territory.
The project is designed to initiate actions by all parties concerned at local level in favour of the good management in the municipality of Mizia. The realization of the project will contribute to the strengthening of the administration structure of municipality of Mizia ; will encourage the active involvement of the civil society in municipal management and  will serve for improving the partnership between the citizens, the business and the administration.
The main project activities are implemented within 12 months and include:
  • Analysis of activities of the administration of  municipality of Mizia
  • Organizing and conducting a seminar for representatives of CSS, entitled „Development of strategies and policy formulation”;
  • Creating of a focus group to municipality of Mizia for development of strategies;
  • Development of „Strategy for Transparent Governance and for Prevention of Corruption " and " Communication Strategy ";
  • Preparing and conducting of  five roundtables on theme "Structure of the local administration and partnership with civil society structures;
  • Activities for information and publicity
The present project will lead to working out of clear rules and measures for improvement of the management of municipality of Mizia together with civil society structures, will increase public confidence in the municipality as an institution of a local authority and will meet the needs of the civil society of information and experience exchange on issues of active participation in local policy.
The project will provide a sustainable mechanism for the systematic discussion of common problems and coordinating of the joint activities;participation of the nongovernmental sector with its own initiatives and  according to its objectives in the work of the local administration; providing expert and practical assistance in  process of  decision making on important social issues; reinforcing  the active partnership between NGOs and local administrations as well as enhancing the  public confidence in municipality of Mizia.
As a project partner the municipality of Mizia is a direct user of the results and sustainability of the project, while its participation in it ensures its successful realization. All this favours  the finding of suitable and satisfying the local needs decisions and actions, enhances the effectiveness of participation of key parties concerned.
Analysis of the status and the activity  of municipality of Mizia
 The analysis of the status and activity of the municipality of Mizia aims identifying the needs of municipality of Mizia with relation to introduction of the participles of good management which would lead to greater effectiveness and efficiency, better transparency and accessibility as well as better coordination. The results of the analysis performed will serve as a basis for development of a strategy for transparent management and prevention of corruption and for Communication strategy.
Specific objectives of the analysis:
  1. To determine the status of municipal administration, its strengths, weaknesses, and the engagement of the civil society.
  2. To enable the NGO sector in the municipality to propose concrete measures and solutions in the field of good management to specific problems identified.
  3. To assess the satisfaction of the representatives of the local community with the quality of the administrative service in the municipality of Mizia
  4. To define the main guidelines for sound and transparent management of community of  Mizia.
  5. To determine the attitudes and expectations of all interested parties at local level (citizens, representative of the local authorities, NGOs, employers etc.), connected with the improvement of the transparency and accountability of the activities in municipality of  Mizia, as  aspects of good management.
  6. To determine the role and the readiness of CSS on the territory of the municipality to participate in the drafting of a Strategy for transparent Management and corruption prevention and of a Communication Strategy of municipality of  Mizia.
The preparation of analyses about the status and activity in municipality of Mizia was finalized in January. The views of the citizens, business representatives and NGOs operating in the territory of municipality of Mizia about the work of the municipal administration was examined within this activity and on the basis of the results of the study an analysis was prepared about the activity of the municipality and the problems identified in the field of good management of the municipality.
SeminarStrategies development and Policy formation

In January 15 representatives of CSS from municipality of Mizia took part in a seminar on skills acquisition for development of strategies and policy formation at local level. During the training they gained new knowledge and motivation for active participation in the setting up the guidelines for development of the municipality, for better and transparent management and providing supervision over the administration activity. At the end of the seminar each participant received a certificate for successful completion of the training.
The seminar on the strategies development and policy formation was held from 26 to 31 January 2009 in “ Druzhba “ hotel in the town of Bankya. The invited lecturers assoc. prof. Irena Slavova and assist. prof. Yovka Bankova  are experts in the field of the strategic planning, who have long and rich experience in teaching and practical work with representatives of NGOs in this field.
In the training participated representatives of school boards, Community center trustees, sports clubs, disability organization, church board, Crafts, Bulgarian Red Cross. It consisted of 4 modules:
Module 1: Regional policynature, importance and principles

During the lectures and discussions  the participants were made familiar with the definition of regional policy, regional policy objectives, the principles of state policy for regional development, sustainable integrated regional and local development and coordination of strategic planning documents, the role of municipalities in the formation of regional development policy and participation in the formulation of local development - necessary actions, public information, manner and means by which the public will be informed about the process of elaboration, approval, acceptance, implementation and evaluation of the Municipal Development Plan  and  the forms  of the partnership.
Module 2: Partnership, publicity and transparency

The topics of the second module were connected with the partnership in general aspect,  in a broad sense  and in a strict sense  from a standpoint   of the structural funds regulations. The forms (models) of the partnership (participation of the parties concerned in the process of planning or of decision taking), the evolution of partnership principle (range of partners), the levels of the partnership and the criteria for characterization and evaluation of the partnership were discussed.
Module 3: System of strategic planning documents for regional and local development
The participants were made familiar with
  1. Strategic planning and programming of the regional development;
  2. system of documents for strategic planning and programming of the regional development;
  3. National Strategy for Regional Development - content;
  4. Regional development plans - content;
  5. Development strategy  for the Province - content;
  6. Municipal development plan - scope, content,  monitoring - nature and object,  monitoring system;
  7. Monitoring Reports on the  implementation  of municipal development plans;
  8. Evaluation of the municipal development plan - preliminary, intermediate and final (follow-up).
Module 4: Role, importance and nature of the local strategies. Strategy for transparent management
During the fourth training module the participants were introduced to the definition of the strategy, the requirements for working out of a local development strategy and the main elements of the strategy.
The participants had the opportunity to participate in strategy development and for that purpose they were divided in two working groups. Under the supervision of the lecturers each group made an analysis of the strategy, which included:
1. Analysis of the partnership in the territory of the municipality;
2. Analysis of the willingness and the capacity for partnership of the parties concerned:
  1. To which extent is the importance of the partnership and its nature understood;
  2. The relation between  the planning process (CFP) and the Structural Funds (Operative Programmes) – to what extent are they clear to the parties concerned;
  3. capacity, contribution and responsibility of  the partners – achieving a consensus, various forms of partnership and how are they implemented;
  4. The mechanisms for its implementation - technical issues, feedback
  5. Composition, competence, capability and practice  of the consulting units
  6. Use of external  consulting teams
Evaluation of the results achieved:
  1. As a result of the seminar were trained 15 NGO- representatives on issues related with „Strategy development and policy formation”.
  2. The lectures prepared and presented are at high professional level. The distribution of the lectures on a hard and a soft copy allows multiplication of the training effects among other representatives of NGOs.
  3. The participants express a high opinion of the training, which is very valuable and useful according to their opinion.
  4. Direct and useful contacts were made between the NGO participants and the lecturers.
  5. The seminar helped to deepen the dialogue between the representative of the civil society structures in learning and strategy development and policy formation, by showing willingness to determine alone their future.
  • Formation of a focus group to community of Mizia and development of strategies
A focus group consisting of 8 people will be formed from the NGOs-representatives of municipality of Mizia, participated in the seminar on skills acquisition for development of strategies and policy formation. The main functions of this group include development of two strategies – a Strategy for transparent management and for corruption prevention and a Communication strategy, assessment of their impact, monitoring and follow-up assessment of their implementation.
Development of Communication strategy and prevention of corruption now will be based on the analysis still performed of the activities of the municipal administration. The strategy will provide solutions and will describe the necessary guidelines and concrete measures for implementation of the principles of good management at local level.
The development of the Communication strategy includes a set of activities aimed at the citizens of municipality of  Mizia and is meant to provide information on actual issues. The role of the Communication strategy is to establish a mechanism for partnership between the local authorities, business, NGOs and the media. The communication strategy will be aimed at all age, social and professional groups , which include  the business,  the NGOs,  the media, the local authorities, the young people, the pensioners ,the representatives of the ethnic minorities and others.
The implementation of these strategies by those, who develop the policy, is a prerequisite for maintaining transparency and accountability in the local administration.
The main purpose of the forming of focus group is  to mobilize and stimulate actions by the parties concerned at local level, which would lead to  better local management trough  continuous improvement of the quality of local public services, involvement of the population in the public life and implementation of policies, corresponding with the  legally grounded expectations of the people.
The participation of NGOs-representatives in a focus group to the municipality will strengthen the civil control and monitoring; will lead to more   transparency and publicity and to increasing of public confidence in this institution
  • Organization and conducting of 5 round tables
  • Working out and printing of a Guide of the local management structure and a partnership with CSS is forthcoming , which will be distributed during the round tables among the representatives of the local community, the structures of  civil society  and local administration.
  • Conducting of 5 round tables on „Structure of local government and partnership with CSS”.The round table as  a means for discussion, provides an opportunity  for dissemination of experience, while promoting  the preparation of proposals  and recommendations by civil society structures  in order through  them to achieve greater transparency and better accountability of the administration.
  • Activities for Information and publicity
The activities for information and publicity aim at incrising of the publicity and awareness concerning administrative service to citizens and business and results of the project achieved.
Upcoming activities: Placing information board in the administrative building of the municipality in the town of Mizia; preparation of brochures and posters, making of promotional t-shirts, promotional hats and promotional umbrellas; updating   the information and maintaining the project portal, created with funds from this projects.
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