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Начало Citizen's servicing Access to public information

Access to public information

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Access to public information under the
Law on Access to Public Information in
Mizia municipality

Център за информация и обслужване на гражданите

Applications under the Law on Access to Public Information should be submitted to the Register office of municipality of Mizia – Information and Services Center for citizens. Application forms of standard layout should be provided to citizens free of charge.
Each written application receives a incoming number, is entered in the registry system of the municipality and is forwarded to the secretary of municipality of Mizia. After being examined by the secretary of the municipality the application is given to the legal adviser of the municipality for legal advice and position.
All applications by physical and juridical persons received by the administration receive an resolution by the mayor for implementation within the competence.
The secretary of the municipality is the person responsible for the preparation of the Decision on Access to information. According to the resolution he/she submits the application in person to the employees who can provide information and within whose competence it is. He/she tracks the progress of the work, sees to the compliance of the statutory deadlines, prepares the decision for placing at disposal or for refusal, submits the decision to the mayor for signature, and if necessary prepares notification to the applicant   for specification or for prolongation of the time.

Once the respective employee prepares the information, requested by a citizen and  he/she gives it to the secretary of the municipality, who coordinates the whole correspondence with the legal advisor of the municipality and notifies the applicant.
The whole correspondence is submitted to the Register office, receives outgoing number and the decision is sent with return receipt to the applicant. The correspondence is stored in the Register office of the municipality.
The information is given to the applicant in person at the Register office counter of the Information and Services Center for citizens , after  submitting of a receipt for the costs for preparation  in accordance to Ordinance No.10 by the Ministry of Finance and after signing of an acceptance protocol  – 2 pieces , one per each party.
Oral information shall be submitted immediately or the citizen is directed to the place, where he can obtain it, if it is socially important, of course.
Information, not sought within 30 days of the receipt of the decision is not given

Working time of the Information and Services Center for citizens – Register Office - from 8.30 h to 17.30 h, and if there are clients  not later than 2 hours after the official working time.
The phone number of  the Register office of Information and Services Center for citizens - +359 9161 / 23-15 extension 118.
The control of the organization for providing significant public information according to the Law on Access to Public Information is performed by the secretary of municipality of Mizia.


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