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Client's charter

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  1. Management policy of Municipality of  MIZIA
  2. Mission and objectives of municipality of MIZIA
  3. Service standards for users of administrative services provided by municipality ofn MIZIA.Read More

The management in the person of the Mayor of municipality of MIZIA, declares officially


and promises to work for:

satisfying the needs  of the citizens and the juridical persons  on the territory of the municipality of  MIZIA  trough sustainable economic growth, increased competitiveness of the municipal economy , improving the quality of the administrative services and quality of life of the population  under conditions of transparancy, lawfullnes, effectiveness and efficiency in the actions of corruption-free administration   and according to the requirements for continuous improvement  of the environmental circumstances for prevention of the pollutions in the municipality, ensuring and maintaining  healthy and safe work conditions and minimizing of the risks to human health of all workers  from and  on behalf of  municipality  MIZIA.

The management policy of municipality of  MIZIA  is a result of the engagement  entered into by  the municipal   body  to minimize pollution and harmful  environmental impacts and  to reduce to  minimum  the risks for the health and safety  of personnel  with  continuous improvement of the Integrated  Management System and in accordance with current legislation.


The mission of municipality of  MIZIA  is to serve the public interest  effectively and efficiently reaching maximum result and quality  of the service with minimal  financial and human resources.


1. Implementation of legitimate local self-government in terms of transparency, efficiency and effectiveness in administrative services.

2. Optimization of   offering and rendering public services by the municipality.

3. To facilitate citizens and judicial persons  in obtaining information  on the types of administrative services, when  submitting applications for services, upon receipt of reports on the current status of the correspondence, and on obtaining information about the terms.

4. Improving the quality of administrative services by municipality of MIZIA.

5. Interruption of the direct contact between the person who applies for service and the employee from the administration, actually performing that service in order to reduce the  possibilities for corruption.


1. Optimization of procedures for performing services;

2. Reducing the costs /expressed in money and time/, required for performing of administrative services by the municipal administration;

3. Elimination of possible corruption practices;

4. Creating of well-intentioned, business environment for the users of administrative service, performed by municipality of  MIZIA;

5. Exercising control over the activity of the employees from the municipal administration, who perform  the administrative services.





  1. We promise  to have a polite, kind and  responsive approach to each user of administrative services, provided by municipality of  MIZIA
  2. We promise to listen to your requests and signals.
  3. We promise to treat with care and concern your problems.
  4. In presence of legal barriers we promise to search an alternative solution for every problem you have  in connection with the administrative services, provided by municipality of  MIZIA.
  5. We undertake to keep confidentiality with respect to all inquiries and complaints by every user of administrative services, provided by municipality of MIZIA.
  6. We undertake to treat  you with professionalism, as we do not show personal attitude and observe  the principles of equality.


  1. We undertake to provide you with the necessary information, which is full and easy to understand  about the administrative services, provided by municipality of MIZIA  
  2. If your questions are beyond the competence of municipality of MIZIA, we undertake to direct you to the respective unit or institution that can inform you.
  3. Anyone can obtain information  about the services , provided by municipality of  MIZIA  from:
  • The website of  municipality of  MIZIA online: miziabg.com
  • Information boards : in the lobby of the municipality building;
  • Reception days of the officials of the municipal administration

We undertake  to take into consideration  any proposal from you  for addition  and/or changes of the information provided , which is  registered in:

  • Book  for  opinions, suggestions and comments by citizens;
  • The web-site  of municipality of  MIZIA;


We promise to provide equal access to our services and equal treatment of anyone, who looks for administrative services, regardless of social status, education, gender, age, ethnicity or religious beliefs.


  1. We promise to provide a transparent procedure for acceptance, processing and reporting of applications, proposals, signals and complaints by the citizens.
  2. We promise to provide clear , easy understandable  complete and accurate information , explanations and  forms satisfying the needs of citizens seeking administrative service. .
  3. You will be always informed of  the name of the official, whom you are speaking on the phone with or  at the Information Service Center.
  4. We undertake to inform you about every possible option to solve your problem, as we let you know in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each option
  5. We promise to perform an  examination of complaints about the performance of administrative services and to inform you of  the results.

Keeping deadlines

  1. We undertake to provide you with the necessary information at the first contact with us.
  2. We promise to make the required administrative service by the time fixed.

Feedback and Communication

  1. We promise to actively seek your suggestions, opinions, comments, information and complaints, that you can give using:
    • Mail
    • Book  for  opinions, suggestions and comments by citizens;
    • The web-site  of municipality of  MIZIA.
    • Questionnaires;
    • Reception days of the Mayor of municipality Mizia.
  2. We promise to analyze your suggestions, comments, praises and complaints and to undertake the respective actions, when they are within the competence of the Municipality  of MIZIA.
  3. We promise to  reply in writing  to each written request and/or complaint  by you  concerning maladministration within 7-days term of receipt /except when an examination is necessary/.


  1. We promise to  measure the customer satisfaction  of the administrative services of our activity  and to take the appropriate steps to increase it
  2. We promise to perform  the administrative service in accordance with the law  and  we are liable for their quality and timely implementation.

Dear citizens,

Each user of administrative services, provided by municipality of MIZIA may express his/her opinion, suggestion, complaints for breach of standards by our employees.

All written request and complaints will be replied in writing by the municipal administration within 7-day term of the receipt of the request / complaints. In cases where verification is required the term for reply is one month.

/Note: Anonymous complaints and request  are not answered./

The signals and suggestions submitted by:

  • Questionnaire ;
  • Book  for  opinions, suggestions and comments by citizens;


in respect of  the administrative service  in municipality of  MIZIA  are summarized and reported every month  to the Mayor of municipality of  MIZIA,  by presenting  specific suggestions for the acceptance and  implementation  of the proposals, received by you.

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