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Начало Social activities Children's day-care center

Children's day-care center

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This day-care center is the model for establishment of a base, which meets the modern needs for development of children’s personality. Leisure classes are natural opposition to social negatives, treat of drugs, sects and aggression.

Sharing our experience in  the national competition:" Improving the living environment " – organized by  FLGR in  2003, the innovation  "Day-care center for children- village of  Voyvodovo" received first prize.

With the opening of the center was made one of the largest investments – an investment for the development of the children. The joined efforts on local level received support by United Dutch Foundations (UDF), which funded the project in 2002 with 30 500 BGN.

The results of the project are significant. Joining the efforts of the municipality, mayoralty and community center trustees of village of Voyvodovo a balance between needs and interest was achieved. The way of life of the children and of the village as a whole was changed. This center became a place for various initiatives and continuity between generations. For the children of the village and from the other settlements of the municipality the computer news became available and the use of internet   motivated them to receive more information and made them join the modern life.

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