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Начало Culture and sport Community center "Hristo Botev"

"Hristo Botev" Community center

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Чителище "Христо Ботев" с. ВойводовоThe community center was founded in 1929. Some  of its first founders are Simeon Vatkov  from village of  Koynare, who was a teacher in the village at that time, Atanas Genov, Metodi Mitev, Stoyan Mitev, Netso Netsov. From  1929  to 1939  the community center  did not possess its own building  and housed in a private house,  and after the emigration  of Czechoslovak citizens in 1950  the community center housed  in the building  where it is to this day. One of the first librarians is Ivan Vasilev Dikov.  From 1940  to  1946 on the stage were performed many plays   and a group  was formed  in order to show something new  which could change the  daily round and the cultural habits of  the rising generation. During this period the young people and functionaries of the community center got into contact with  Diko Iliev and a  dance troupe and  an amateur  team were organized under his guidance.

Читалище "Христо Ботев" с. ВойводовоIn 1950 the library activity strengthened. The visitors were mostly students and workers and the library holdings comprise of   2 318 volumes. With the establishment of the cooperative farms in 1951, in order to strengthen the activity of the community center a new acquisition appeared .This was a projector which was purchased with money from working-days, made by the population.

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