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Начало Culture and sport Community center "Prosveta-1915"

"Prosveta-1915" Community center

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Адрес и телефон на читалището в МизияThe community Center is founded in the spring of 1915 by Pano Petkov Krushovenski. The idea of the foundation gave Nikola Gerasimov from Berkovitsa, who was a teacher in the village of Bukyovtsi. One of the main objectives of the community center was to develop the cultural and educational activities among the population of Bukyovtsi. Amateur groups of young men and women have been founded, what gave every night readings and talks on temperance, love and family, choral and theatre performances. The teacher Krum Tenekedzhiev founded   theatre group that achieves great success. He painted himself the scenery for the theatrical performances.

Читалище "Просвета - 1915" гр. Мизия

From the foundation to the 30th years of the century the activities were performed in the hall of the “Cyril and Methodius” school .After his election as a chairman of the community center  Slavcho Panov Krushovenski  decided together with the teacher  Asen Hadzhijski and Metodi Yakimov to organize  a campaign for raising funds in order to build cinema hall  to the building  of "Ts. Tserkovski" school. Krum Petkov Mitov who was at that time librarian in the community center took actively part in the voluntary fund –raising. By volunteer work of the population of Bukyovtsi were made bricks and were delivered building materials, necessary for the construction of the building. For this purpose a building construction plan was drawn up by the engineer Marin Mitev, who gave it to the builders of the cinema hall as a gift for his birth place. A cinema hall with 500 seats was built, which was enough big for the population of Bukyovtsi for those years.This hall served until the opening of the new community center building in 1971 . Over the years and today it remains true to lessons of its founders. Being the only center of spiritual activity of the town, we  try to preserve  and  disseminate  the cultural values,  to preserve  and to give to the young generation  the local folk customs and traditions, to support the development  of the creativity of the rising generation  in  schools, circle groups, amateur groups,  providing  actual information and internet access. At present the following amateur groups function: dance group /primary course/, dance group /secondary course/, female vocal ensemble, group for   study and re-creation of folk customs and traditions, art of declamation, art school. We took part in many national and international festivals in Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia and Serbia, where our performance was excellent. On January 28, 2009, on the general meeting Mrs. Yovka Ignatova Cherganska was elected chairwoman of the Community center. Secretary is Mrs. Mariana Angelova.

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