Община Мизия

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Начало Social activities Center for Social Integration

Center of social integration

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It is founded on project  "Changing of the policy and the practices in serving elderly and disabled people" of the National Association of the Municipalities in Republic of Bulgaria, financed by Phare ACCESS 2000 of the European Union. The project value is 10 000 BGN and was implemented in  2003.Trough this project  municipality of Mizia  as a pilot municipality  contributed to the active involvement of the elderly and disabled people  in the implementing of adequate municipal policy  and to changing  of the municipal practices in working with people of the target groups.

The Center for Social Integration offers administrative, information and consultant services that ensure the social integration of the elderly and disabled people. Trough this center the municipality gives them the opportunity to live in dignity and security, receiving the necessary public support. A service network was built in all villages of the municipality. Since January 2004 the Center for Social Integration has been a structural unit of the  municipal administration – the municipality provided an ambulance for assistance of extremely needy citizens and covers the costs for it.
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