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Home Social Patronage

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In 1989, an organization for providing services within the individual's natural home environment, called Home Social Patronage, was established in the town of Mizia. This is a form of social services provision that has proved effective over the years. The activity of the social institution aims at assisting the third-age people, as well as those that require special cares but are unable to arrange or cater for their vital needs in the normal home environment. The institution looks after 140 people, living in Mizia and four villages in the municipality. Home Social Patronage is a social service provided on the territory of the municipality and it has become a modern service adequately catering for the community needs. Seventy people in the municipality are delivered meals to their homes.

In 2009, in connection with the Social Services in a Family Environment National Programme, there were ten people employed to look after 56 old age, lonely living people or disabled people.

The services included as follows:
  • Supply of warm and various meals to the houses;
  • House cleaning;
  • Providing help and assistance with personal hygiene practices, or in case of social, health or household problems, or to enrich social and cultural life.
The number of people willing to use the services of the Home Social Patronage has been continuously growing.
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