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Health care

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The dynamic nature of the changes we have been going through requires prompt and timely response to all alterations in the social status and medical services for the inhabitants of the Mizia municipality.

Health care for the Mizia municipality population is ensured in accordance with the legal framework documents that define the health reform in the country. The municipality population was provided the opportunity to freely choose a general practitioner and a dentist. According to the data provided by the Regional Healthcare Centre in Vratsa, the health institutions functioning on the territory of the Mizia municipality are as follows:

  • Outpatient medical room for primary medical assistance  - individual practices - 5;
  • Outpatient medical room for specialist medical assistance - individual practices - 1;
  • Outpatient medical room for primary dental assistance - individual practices - 2.

All the medical practices in the municipality have been taken by physicians. Those practices that service two villages have contracted medical auxiliaries to ensure 24-hour medical assistance provision.

Specialist medical assistance in the municipality is provided my physicians employed at the Oryahovo Multi-profile Active Hospital Treatment Facilities, and holding a degree in a medical specialty.

Since 01.07.2000, the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) has financed outpatient medical assistance.

The municipality has a permanent trend of seeking medical specialists in other areas in order to enlarge the specialized assistance provided.
Hospital medical assistance in the Mizia municipality is provided by the Multi-profile Active Hospital Treatment Facilities in the towns of Oryahovo and Kozloduy, respectively.
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