"Baba Marta" home for old people

Monday, 19 April 2010 21:00
"Baba Marta"  home for old people  in the village of Lipnitsa, municipality of Mizia, opened on  17.06.2008  by Ordinance No.РД 01-545/17.06.2008  by Ministry of Labour and Social Policy , pursuant to art.36, para.3, section 3 of Regulation on Implementation  of  Social Assistance Act.
The Home for Old People is a specialized institution providing social services to persons, separated from home, for them is difficult or impossible to meet their needs, who have no relatives or their relatives refuse to take care of them at home. The conditions and the order for carrying out   of the social services in the home for old people are determined by the  Regulation on Implementation  of  Social Assistance Act /art.19 Social Assistance Act /.
The main focus is to ensure equal status for older people in order to overcome their social isolation  by creating conditions  for integration in a society . This should correspond to their wishes and abilities by full respect of their dignity, beliefs, needs and their privacy, as well as their right to take decisions, affecting the quality of their life and cares provided.
The institution is delegated state activity, managed by the municipality.
With  Decision  No. 539 /Minutes No. 44  of 23.02.2007/ the  town council  offers  Ministry  of the Labour and Social Policy  to open "Home for old people” in the new built Social Home in the village of Lipnitsa, municipality of Mizia,  with  35 places and  16 employees.
This is a   two-storey building. The premises are as follows:
Floor               Premises
 first                  Foyer
                         pouring room 
                         sanitary room
                         Washing room
                         bedrooms -5 rooms
                         room for the staff
Floor               Premises
Second            Dining-room
                         Pouring room
                         Loundry room
                         Washing room
                         bedrooms -5 rooms
                         Living Room with  tea room
                         Medical room
To the old people were offered the following services:
We provide  for the additional comfort  also:
The management of Municipality of Mizia  founded this home  led by the only human and noble goal – to provide such conditions of life  for  the older people living in it in order they   to receive  quality service and different   human treatment , life environment , nutrition according to  the personal  health condition and free regimen of living .